We are now taking bookings for Aerial Trekking and Powerfan, and Zip Wire and King Swing, as well as Archery, Laser Combat, Splatmaster and Paintball!

Book online, by email or by phone on +44 (0)1534 638888.

Use the diary below to find an Open Session to book onto.

We have had to make a few changes to our booking rules in order to ensure we can keep you all safe:

Aerial Trekking and Powerfan and Zip Wire and King Swing

Bookings to be made in household groups, with a minimum of 3 people, and we will have no more that 3 groups in a booking.

Zip Wire and King Swing need to be booked together as a 1.5 hour session.

Laser Combat, Splatmaster, Paintball and Archery

The Individual Households are priced for up to 6 people (can go up to 10 for additional charge if this is needed), Household vs Household up to 10.

Can't see what you want? We can do sessions at different times, just give us a call!